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2010 IS HERE!!!!

Was my first time spending new years without my family. A bit sad, but I spent it with my good friends and got to see the fireworks @ the London Eye. It was a great night.

My new years resolution is to find a decent boyfriend!!! And make more jewelry. More more more!!!

Hope this year will be a great one for all of us♥

fashion victim

I'm about to go to sleep, but I started thinking about what to wear tomorrow and then I got all absorbed in that.

Seriously, I was never a fashion person. I wore neat things but I was never CRAZY about fashion. I really didn't enjoy shopping either.

But after I ended this fucked up stupid love shit with this asshole a few months ago, I was so mega depressed. And then I wore something nice and that really made me feel much better. Since then I really enjoy shopping and try to invest in some awesome clothes, and dress to impress myself, not someone else. Yesterday I got this vivienne westwood-ish jacket from Camden town market for 10GBP!!!! How cheap is that. Also today I bought a hoodie from the Christopher Kane x TOPSHOP collection, which was pretty pricey and it literally raped my wallet. (haha thanks yenpippy) BUT I DON'T CARE because it makes me feel better and I have fun planning what to wear with it. I shall upload a photo of how I wore it tomorrow.

SO YEAH fashion saved my ass. This sounds so corny but it really did. && Lady Gaga is awesome. I read someone say in VOGUE or something that whats so awesome for Gaga is that she doesn't live for fashion, she could die for fashion. True.


i am robot and proud ver.

Had two hours of free time...and ended up with this in my A5 sketchbook:


........Hmm. Word. I need to use a damn ruler. But I'm so lazy. When you take a photo or scan a drawing and see it on the screen, it looks so different its quite interesting. You realize things you wouldn't have on paper.

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Miyavi yellow.

bling bling!

My current TOP3 favorite jewellery designers:

IOSSELLIANI (click for link)
Came across this brand when I was visiting this one random exhibition in mom and I saw an ad for the shop which was upstairs, so we decided to have a look. WE TOTALLY LOVED IT. It's an italian brand, and their designs are very unique yet very convenient for casual wear. I ended up buying a necklace, which is this one:
The tiny gold things ae flies! They're thought to be "lucky" in Italy. Don't know if its true, but oh well. lol

Found out about this brand when I found this adorable kitty necklace which I ended up taking home:
CUTE RIGHT!?? Found her at a select shop in Roppongi, Japan. Since it's a french brand, I gave her a french name...Marion♥ The designer creates a lot of lovable animal necklaces dresed in their own clothes...OMG I LOVE THEM ;A; It's like getting a pet that you get to take around with you all the time!

When I visited my university's Jewellery MA exhibition, I saw her pieces and just fell in love. I found her and totally freaked her out because I was all "OMFGGG I LOVE YOUR PIECES IM DOING JEWELLERY TOO I SO WANNA BUY FROM YOU" haha. Yesterday she had an exhibition opening party and I attended that too. Her pieces maintain this delicate balance between cuteness and darkness... I've never seen jewellery like hers, and I hope she succeeds because she totally deserves it!! Do visit her site and enjoy her awesome jewellery!

photo by:CSM
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I saw G.I Joe with my mom today. I really liked it for the CG and the action. I was so tired when the movie was over because there isn't any point in the movie where you can sit back and relax. It's always "GO CATCH THEM BEFORE THEY BLOW UP THE WORLD".
But overall, it was enjoyable. I really like Sienna Miller in that movie for some reason :D

I was looking at my old photobucket account and I came across some photos for a project I did last year in college. I don't think I ever shared it here it goes. All jewellery pieces were made by me, and photo credit goes to my friend photographer Yang Shen♥


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To everyone out there with a part-time job.

So um. How do you find a job??


I'm so lost and I need money!!! I've been checking online sites but I can find a good one... ;A;

and miyavi left PSC. so sad. I wonder what hes gonna do now?


Do any of you actually purchase songs from iTunes?

I was planning on buying an album of immi, but since im in the UK I can't download from the Japanese one. How shitty is that.



I just realized that I created this journal three years ago, on this date!'s already been three years. I can't believe I've had this account for such a long time.

I've been away from LJ for a bit because of uni, and its making me so sad because I don't talk much with you guys. I used to be on LJ 24/7, but now I rarely update.

Being active on LJ will definitely be one of the things I'll do this year!

Much love,

haruma is just TOO CUTE.