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I'm Yulah, a Japanese girl currently living in Europe. I love fangirling about my fandoms(V-kei, Anime/Manga, Dorama), and also loves to rant about my real-life. 8D
I love to read, draw, make icons, listen to music and gossip! XD

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yulah [userpic]


l o c k e d .

-My posts aren't Friends-locked, but please only comment if you're added on my f-list.
-Comment here when you add
-We share SOME interests
-You'll actually comment on my journal and be a "friend"

thank you♥

yulah [userpic]

2010 IS HERE!!!!

Was my first time spending new years without my family. A bit sad, but I spent it with my good friends and got to see the fireworks @ the London Eye. It was a great night.

My new years resolution is to find a decent boyfriend!!! And make more jewelry. More more more!!!

Hope this year will be a great one for all of us♥

yulah [userpic]

I'm about to go to sleep, but I started thinking about what to wear tomorrow and then I got all absorbed in that.

Seriously, I was never a fashion person. I wore neat things but I was never CRAZY about fashion. I really didn't enjoy shopping either.

But after I ended this fucked up stupid love shit with this asshole a few months ago, I was so mega depressed. And then I wore something nice and that really made me feel much better. Since then I really enjoy shopping and try to invest in some awesome clothes, and dress to impress myself, not someone else. Yesterday I got this vivienne westwood-ish jacket from Camden town market for 10GBP!!!! How cheap is that. Also today I bought a hoodie from the Christopher Kane x TOPSHOP collection, which was pretty pricey and it literally raped my wallet. (haha thanks yenpippy) BUT I DON'T CARE because it makes me feel better and I have fun planning what to wear with it. I shall upload a photo of how I wore it tomorrow.

SO YEAH fashion saved my ass. This sounds so corny but it really did. && Lady Gaga is awesome. I read someone say in VOGUE or something that whats so awesome for Gaga is that she doesn't live for fashion, she could die for fashion. True.


yulah [userpic]

Had two hours of free time...and ended up with this in my A5 sketchbook:


........Hmm. Word. I need to use a damn ruler. But I'm so lazy. When you take a photo or scan a drawing and see it on the screen, it looks so different its quite interesting. You realize things you wouldn't have on paper.

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yulah [userpic]

My current TOP3 favorite jewellery designers:

IOSSELLIANI (click for link)
Came across this brand when I was visiting this one random exhibition in Shibuya...my mom and I saw an ad for the shop which was upstairs, so we decided to have a look. WE TOTALLY LOVED IT. It's an italian brand, and their designs are very unique yet very convenient for casual wear. I ended up buying a necklace, which is this one:

The tiny gold things ae flies! They're thought to be "lucky" in Italy. Don't know if its true, but oh well. lol

Found out about this brand when I found this adorable kitty necklace which I ended up taking home:
CUTE RIGHT!?? Found her at a select shop in Roppongi, Japan. Since it's a french brand, I gave her a french name...Marion♥ The designer creates a lot of lovable animal necklaces dresed in their own clothes...OMG I LOVE THEM ;A; It's like getting a pet that you get to take around with you all the time!

When I visited my university's Jewellery MA exhibition, I saw her pieces and just fell in love. I found her and totally freaked her out because I was all "OMFGGG I LOVE YOUR PIECES IM DOING JEWELLERY TOO I SO WANNA BUY FROM YOU" haha. Yesterday she had an exhibition opening party and I attended that too. Her pieces maintain this delicate balance between cuteness and darkness... I've never seen jewellery like hers, and I hope she succeeds because she totally deserves it!! Do visit her site and enjoy her awesome jewellery!

photo by:CSM

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